4 Clear-Cut Advantages of Laser Engraving for 3D Trophy Awards

4 Clear-Cut Advantages of Laser Engraving for 3D Trophy Awards

If you are looking for an elegant, unique, low-cost and long-lasting award for your chosen event, you may want to consider a laser-engraved 3D trophy. But how can laser engraved pieces live up to their high expectations? Here’s a brief explanation.

Substantial Base Material

If you want to commission a 3D trophy, you will typically select crystal glass as a material to work with. This material is not only shiny and impressive to look at, but it is also resistant to the elements and very easy to clean as well. The heft of the glass also adds a certain amount of gravity (pardon the pun) when the piece is handled. Carry the weight of it in your hands and you will know exactly how the heaviness of glass can affect the significance of even a modestly sized award.

Unique and Versatile Designs

Another major advantage of a laser-engraved 3D trophy is that you can incorporate unique designs inside and outside the piece. Not only can you shape the exterior of the glass to form a geometric shape, you can engrave patterns and images inside the glass itself. This three-dimensional approach to the design opens up a whole new layer of creativity that is otherwise impossible with traditional metal awards. This is especially true when you work with a professional designer who knows how to create a truly unique piece.

Perfect Accuracy and Reliability

Applying the design does not rely on tools for the intricate artwork. Computer-assisted lasers cut and burn away at the glass, leaving behind a pattern that will not run the risk of being warped or distorted – a problem that drills, chisels and other cutting or impact tools encounter. If your designer shows you a three-dimensional image of the award on a computer screen, then you can expect the laser engraving machines to create an exact replica of that design. The best part is that you can create exact replicas on demand, switching text when needed.

Fast and Low-Cost Manufacturing

One of the best parts about laser engraving is how affordable the whole process is when compared to traditional forms of crafting customized awards. All you really need to do is buy the material (in this case, a block of crystal glass) and pay the engraver for each minute of laser engraving required for the piece. (Laser engraving only takes a short time to finish as long as you have the file ready.) This keeps manufacturing costs low and you may choose to put those savings into the design process. This option effectively allows you to spend more on how beautiful the piece will look instead of on the manufacture of it – this is especially important when you need multiple trophies for team or recurring events.

Keep these points in mind and you will understand the advantages a laser-engraved 3D trophy has over its more traditional counterparts.